OEM Battery Samsung Galaxy S3 S4 S5 S6 S7 S8 S9 S10 Note 2 3 4 5 8 9 Edge Plus

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Samsung Galaxy S10 S9 S8 S7 S6 S5 S4 S3 Note 9 8 5 4 3 2 Edge Plus Replacement Battery USA

This Samsung Galaxy Li-ion battery uses the latest technology to make sure you get the most time possible out of a single charge. Bring a spare with you on a camping trip, a late night excursion or even while you're traveling.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Model: B600BC I9300 Capacity: 2100mAh


Samsung Galaxy S4 Model: EB-BG900ABA, EB-BG900BBU I9500 Capacity: 2800mAh


Samsung Galaxy S5 Model: EB-BG900ABA, EB-BG900BBU I9600 Capacity: 2800mAh


Samsung Galaxy S6 Model: EB-BG920ABA, EB-BG920ABE Capacity: 2550mAh


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Model: EB-BG925ABA, EB-BG925ABE Capacity: 2600mAh


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Model: EB-BG928ABA, EB-BG928ABE Capacity: 3000mAh


Samsung Galaxy S7 Model: EB-BG930ABA, EB-BG930ABE Capacity: 3000mAh


Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE Model: EB-BG935ABA, EB-BG935ABE Capacity: 3600mAh


Samsung Galaxy S8 Model: EB-BG950ABA, EB-BG950ABE Capacity: 3000mAh


Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Model: EB-BG955ABA, EB-BG955ABE Capacity: 3500mAh


Samsung Galaxy S9 Model: EB-BG960ABA, EB-BG960ABE Capacity: 3000mAh


Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Model: EB-BG965ABA, EB-BG965ABE Capacity: 3500mAh

Samsung Galaxy S10E Model: EB-BG970ABU, EB-BG970ABE Capacity: 3100mAh

Samsung Galaxy S10 Model: EB-BG973ABU, EB-BG973ABE Capacity: 3400mAh


Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Model: EB-BG975ABU, EB-BG975ABE Capacity: 4100mAh

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Model: EB-BN965ABU, EB-BN965ABE Capacity: 4000mAh


Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Model: EB-BN950ABU, EB-BN950ABE Capacity: 3300mAh


Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Model: EB-BN920ABU, EB-BN920ABE Capacity: 3000mAh


Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Model: EB-BN915BBU, EB-BN915BBE Capacity: 3000mAh


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Model: EB-BN910BBU, EB-BN910BBE Capacity: 3220mAh


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Model: EB-BN900BBU, EB-BN900BBE Capacity: 3200mAh


Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Model: EB-BN7100BBU, EB-BN7100BBE Capacity: 3100mAh

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